Civilocity is a form of government where the people watch the ruler entirely amongst their reign.

So, what does that mean?

Civilocity allows you to watch the leader of your country for the entire time anybody ever leads your country. A live broadcast to the entire world. We hear what the leader of the country hears, we see what the leader of the country sees. 


Why do we need civilocity?

We need civilocity so the leader of the country doesn't cover up unlawful behavior. Over 100 million lives died in the 20th century alone because of numerous leaders of countries covering up unlawful behavior. 

Where should civilocity be instated?

Everywhere!!! Knowing every single thing, every single leader of every single country did while ruling would be a better way of life than the one we have! We can start by instating civilocity inside the country where we live. 

When can we instate civilocity?

Instating civilocity is as easy as instating a person. Voting for an idea is as easy as voting for a person, 

How can we instate civilocity?

In this day and age voting for an idea is the more civilized way to instate an idea?

Who can instate civilocity?

Everyone can instate civilocity. All that civilocity requires is your vote and a consenting leader of a country.

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