In May of 2007 Nathaniel Wenger took it upon himself to coin, classify, and copyright Civilocity. He has introduced numerous bills to congress attempting to pass legislation for the population to vote for this idea. He first introduced the concept as a pragmatic philosophy where the people would watch the leader of the country 24/7, 365 days a year including the extra day once every leap year, live on public television, broadcast to the entire population. 

The idea was originally published in an essay called Civilocity which was later included in a book titled Trunks and Asses - The World of Elephants and Donkeys, Republicans and Democrats. 

Today, this idea is Nathaniel Wenger's personal endeavor in which he states will one day win him a Nobel Peace Prize for having written. 

© Copyright 2017, by Nathaniel Wenger All Rights Reserved.