Nathaniel Wenger

written in 2007 partially revised in 2017

Everyday man and everyday woman are the wholesome organs that bring hope to this country. A leader's role in democracy is to teach. The people's role in a democracy is to rule. Democracy cannot be the manipulation of what the people want to hear. A government does what is in the best interest of the government and not necessarily the people.
Civilocity is the term I use to gain the people the correct information to be informed about the actions that democracy imposes on the country and the world. To understand in basic English the term Civilocity, it is allowing the people to watch the government. This philosophy is going to be the groundwork for the next great civilization. A republic for the people of the twenty-first century.
The most important aspect of civilocity, is that it will allow a government to exist where the corruption, secret meetings, and cover ups are removed from the person leading the country.
The people utilizing the technology of today such as cameras will allow the government to evolve before the public's eyes. This entitles a pragmatic philosophy called civilocity where the leader of the country is broadcasted live to the population 24/7, 365 days a year including the extra day once every leap year.  To know what is occurring in a government which is appointed by the voters can not end with the appointment of a leader. 
Corruption will be a difficult task to remove completely from politics.  When a person becomes the leader of a country, the people must do everything to remove corruption completely from that person. We do not want another leader who informs the population falsely because of their personal motives. The people will see firsthand how the nation is run, instead of having one leader who will be able to manipulate how a country will be run.
We seem to desire faith in a candidate in hopes of prosperity in our own homes whereas the truth seems to linger in secret meetings causing a false impression of whom the candidates we vote for truly are. The voters must utilize our resources and technology to ensure that the highest position is free of corruption, secret meetings, and cover ups. We can accomplish this simply by keeping our eye on the leader of the country by enforcing cameras when a person assumes command of a country.
The information that the twentieth and twenty-first century has been flooded with has allowed us to be more tolerant of music, clothes, art, and movies which has caused a renaissance. You can see how the movies have evolved since the time they first began not only in color but in content. This has caused our conventional outlooks to reshape themselves in public and ever- slowly in politics. Civilocity will speed the rate of progress while ridding the most powerful person in the country of corruption. 
The people voting for the leader of the country will be informed as much as the leader who is speaking for the people. The voters want to watch the leader whom they appointed to power over their life. Civilocity will be a government of the entire population. It will empower the people much like democracy did when it was first introduced. Imagine voting for a president who will then be watched twenty-four hours a day seven days a week on public television, broadcasted to the entire country. It will finally be a nation that knows and hears what is happening in the world because it will hear exactly what the leader of the country hears. You will vote for a leader who will be watched by the people and over the course of time it will begin to embody the true all American. It will go through wavelengths changing into what the people need most in that period. When people are tired of a serious leader it will open a leader, who is more entertaining concerning policies.
The most challenging aspect to overcome is the people's desire for appearance in a candidate. Appearance already plays a role in who we appoint to office due in large part because of our evolving technology. Appearance will play a larger role in politics because the public will not want to watch a hideous leader. The more the president balances pleasure and work will be seen by the public and identified in which the public likes viewing and should be doing. Too much pleasure will leave the people upset at the lack of work.  Too much work will allow the public to see the lack of pleasure. It will change in this cycle until it maintains a balance where the people see a leader who implements the same beliefs as most the population. This will cancel out corruption because the people will see what the leader is implementing and deciding. What the leader reads the public will read. What the leader hears the public will hear. All the small nonsense which the government partakes in will vanish. It will finally bring just dominion to a country.
The people want to know exactly what the president knows because we are all on the same team, humanity. Nobody leaves us, we only leave others. We cannot leave the leader alone after appointed in a democracy. The public needs to be intuitive about the democratic policies and not maintain a tabula rasa state of mind. The chief informant will be the leader adhering to the public's wishes concerning what is taught. The leader will be looked upon for being the nation's teacher. News station will cover what the leader is doing. The leader will be a philosopher of insight, a leader with political connections, and an informant to the public.
The leaders of today lack progression and reform which has been the foundation of what created this society. The conventionalism of today is caused from the lack of acceptance for the arts. 
The government wasn't created because of money it was created because of freedom. A freedom which today is lost and needs change. A person cannot have their life violated. We must turn the cameras on the leader of the country. 
The millennials are the generation that I am a part of. We must implement the technology of today into policy for the people's safety. We have technology to fly in the sky and yet we don't have a basic reliable voting machine in all fifty states. 
Any leader opposed to civilocity would have something to hide from the people, the voters. The voters are the ones who
appoint the leader to power over their lives.  Money wields power and can also lead to corruption.
The exact definition of 'Democracy' by the Encyclopedia Britannica is, "literally, rule by the people. The term is derived from the Greek demokratia, which was coined from demos ('people') and kratos ('rule') in the middle of the 5th century BC to denote the political systems then existing in some Greek city-states, notably Athens."
Democracy and civilocity go together like peanut butter and jelly. The future of government is riddled with technology benefiting the people. I am not asking you if you want to watch your neighbor crap. I am asking you if you want to watch the leader of your country. One camera will always be on the leader of the country. The more cameras the better. The people will see and listen to everything being broadcast to them live. Candidates will run for office broadcasting themselves live on their websites. Any person can log into their website to see what they are doing. An age restriction can be placed on these websites. Overtime the more transparency the better. Civilocity has the potential to be a personal broadcast on a website accessible by login or a public broadcast live on channel one.

Distinguishing a law system requires an understanding of who the laws don’t apply to. They don’t apply to monkeys. Nudity in the 21st century is not accepted and never will be. We are humans and looking at a human is different than looking at a monkey. Public indecency is a crime that applies to everyone including the leader of the country.

I want to know everything. It is a common belief that there is more that I can know. Civilocity is the establishment of people as the ruling class and not the majority. Democracy is the establishment of majority as the ruling class leaving out the minority from being part of the ruling class. When you know what the leader of your country is doing you are enabling yourself to be part of the ruling class. This begins the foundation for a society that is led by a person who doesn't cover up unlawful behavior. Enacting law and not a person is what deliberates a nation to overcome the obstacles of a usurper.  

In the past the leaders of the world have thrust their beliefs on the public, persecuted anyone who didn't believe in the same beliefs, and even declared themselves as G-d. We cannot be led by presumptions. Many leaders say that their beliefs stand for a metaphor and that creates a divide where every reader will take the metaphor differently. 
There is no doubt in my mind that there is a higher power. The creator of everything that changes. A presumption is a fact not certainly known, thus being a theory of discussion and new presumptions.
The government is much like a form of organized belief. Democracy is the motor of the nation. It is imperialistic which refers to capitalizing from the efforts of supply and demand.
Environment is the most important issue that we can possibly discuss. Through the course of my studying and learning, I have changed my views back and forth concerning how we should treat the environment. I have struggled believing that we must do everything possible to stop the alarming global warming which has proven to be occurring today. I have also considered why dinosaurs, and by a scientific estimate ninety five percent of all living creatures were removed from the earth prior to mankind and knowledge of global warming. 
When people living in urban areas were not able to see the stars in the sky that should have been the first cause of concern. As the population increases we begin to expand in all directions, vertically into skyscrapers and horizontally into farms. The forests are being cut down at alarming rates and species are continuously being put onto the endangered species list. We are in a country that states that we landed on the moon and yet we can look at third world countries and do practically nothing to get running water into the homes. We must leave the environment cleaner than we found it. With the need of energy our consumption rate will only increase. Without adequate forms of renewable energy, the effects on future generations will be devastating. Asserting ourselves in a diplomatic expression is our fundamental responsibility as citizens in a free country. 
The amount of information we have today concerning global warming must be addressed because of how we are treating the ozone layer. Imperialism will only fall when the planet will not be able to withstand the human's greed. We will continue at a rate that will not take the issues seriously until the effects are horrendous.
The amount of pollution and chemicals we are put into the air and water is leaving the future generations with many serious problems. An example would be to go fishing in a river close to a city with a population over one million. The water is disgusting and if we make the air as disgusting as the water we are in serious trouble. We used to be able to drink the waters from the rivers for survival. Now, we must filter the water from the rivers of the cities so we don't get sick.
A democracy is not working if most the country doesn't vote. The people in a democracy must know the same information that the president knows, who is only president because of the people.
The issues that people must take part in are endless. Forms of technology such as cars create the greatest source of emissions in today's atmosphere. Carbonaceous fuels, which means fuels rich in carbon, are warming the carbon dioxide rates over one hundred PPMVCC {parts per million by volume of concentrated carbon) since the industrial revolution. Scientist understand that the need of energy is increasing and the desire for technology to produce renewable energy is possibly the most important topic that our generation is challenged with today.

Entertainment and media are shaping the culture differently than how it is being lead. Entertainment can influence a culture with images that allow people to be connected through symbolism of a person's thoughts or feelings. The media portrays different figures based on what they are told. The media is one of the teachers informing the citizens about what is going on in the world with a view, that we only hope is true. Through a series of events that unfold, we are taught how to perceive the information by the way it is presented. For example, if we are told it's going to rain outside we might dress differently and carry an umbrella. Civilocity will create a time where we know firsthand by viewing our leader’s actions whether we share the same thought process and beliefs as the leader.
The public is taught and told exactly what to believe. We turn to accepting others as fast as we accept a movie grabbing our attention and leaving us talking about it days later. We love it! We live to be entertained and we live to find means of escape.
Today, the leader of the country is already made fun of daily on numerous shows on television, in movies, in the newspaper, in songs, and in anything that the people can ridicule the leader of the country with.  The people want to know who the mentors of the leader are and where they retrieve information from. People want to be taught by a leader in this generation and future generations, all the information and the correct information.
Communication is the key to grasping the realm of thought presented today. Different people intermingling and exchanging ideas breeds tensions which turns the more uncivilized human beings to perform actions that go against their beliefs and the proper edict of society. The perfect check and balance is civilocity. The wars that the country gets involved with will allow the people to receive the same information as the leader.  
Civilization and organization are the reasons man sits on top of the pyramid.  Any tax paying citizen should have all the information that the president has in a democracy. 
Democracy means the people rule, not the government rules. The government is separating itself from the people and the cover ups and secrets turn into scandals that affect the entire nation. The leader's role is to inform the citizens with all the issues, both small and large, and conclude the best solution that will be in the people's best interest.
In Education the greatest scholars of the past have been taught by the most distinguished teachers of their time. Today, the people can increase their knowledge through means of internet access. This in turn allows people a chance to shape their own train of thought and set out for an individual's unique destiny. To address the importance of an education and the continuation of an education, beyond the schooling system and university setting, is important for individuals to think independently and discuss the matters in group settings. The media and entertainment are the teachers of the broad scope of information which the public chooses to watch.  

The challenge that my generation, millennials, face is deciphering what we are told, what is true, and what is false. The free education system is the basic knowledge we hope that people will grasp and benefit from. The intelligence that is gained through means of the system varies from county to county based on location. Students learn more from their surroundings than in school. 

The teachers in this country are the ones we should want to be the brightest leaders informing the children basic lessons like how to build a website. This basic lesson all students should know how to do by the time they graduate elementary school. We need teachers who make more money. 
Language is the biggest barrier between people. It is the communication that lacks understanding of others practices. It is one thing if you can speak many languages but what's the point of language if you can’t communicate properly. Some of the most intelligent people of our times have wasted away because of their false sense of superiority and end up working a job that doesn't utilize their skills. 
Language unites people and that is evident in the alliances countries have with one another that are generally closer between nations that speak the same language.

After being attacked we must defend. To fight an idea will devastate the men and women who use force to accomplish that task. To fight an idea, you must win their minds, win their hearts, and win their people. The time to fight with force is when people are oppressed and that alone is a reason to invade a country. 
Men and women were not even able to draw an accurate map until the last 50 years of mankind with the introduction of satellites. When we want a map to navigate with we do not grab a map from the 1700 's or even the 1800' s. We would want to have the most updated map as possible concerning the topic of interest in which we are pursuing. It is the same with government. A map of the world was once a dream and now a reality.

The nations in the third world have the greatest potential for a labor force that can be taught to make products which would be useful around the world. The third world needs our money so they can have running water.  The utilization and organization that needs to be implemented to make the standard of living stronger in foreign countries is a must so that other nations don't get that bitter jealousy from the excess and consumption of others. 
Evolution, the process of natural change. To control the evolution which is imminent we must understand that we as people are evolving. As humans, our brain is the fastest evolving aspect of our lives. The information we receive is allowing us to evolve into a more intelligent creature by the knowledge we grasp. We generally evolve according to what is in our personal best interest of survival. Currently, money is the material that allows us to buy food and receive the best information.  The environment is exposed to different toxins and new levels of toxins that have not been witnessed by past generations. Today we are in the process of documenting evolution. We are documenting our effects on the environment and we can document how this nation is run while it is run. 
We can make a difference by addressing the issues before it is too late. 
The perfect leader would be a teacher who most the population listens to and follows. A leader must make the people around him stronger, A leader must build higher and set new standards for others to follow. A good leader will understand history and keep history in his pocket and the future under his shoe.

The people want a leader with nothing to hide. The next great civilization will be based on the philosophy of Civilocity. A vision for all people to see how a leader leads. Our youth is retaining information exceeding any previous generation. We must continue to foster that development. As the rate of information increases, younger citizens must be able to partake in the governmental process. 
Love is the reason we chose to live where we live. We believe in the progressiveness of the country, the laws, and the freedoms we hold. We want the best. We want to be appreciated because of our actions. We want to make changes at all levels of society. Any person can make changes at all levels of society. Passion is the one thing that is innate concerning human nature. Quite simply really, how the abolishment of corruption, secret meetings, and misinformed citizens would be, if Civilocity is imposed. The people would benefit from being informed to the highest degree. To be is simple and to love a country is only known from the first sip of water. Shall it replenish the spirit or nauseate the stomach?

© Copyright 2017, by Nathaniel Wenger All Rights Reserved.